The Great American Techno Festival 2013: Dates and initial lineup revealed

The Great American Techno Festival has revealed part of the lineup for the third annual edition of the burgeoning techno extravaganza. Following up last year's banner lineup of Kevin Saunderson and John Tejada, this year's Great American Techno Fest, which is slated to take place Friday, September 13, through Sunday, September 15, is set to feature Lusine, Bruno Pronsato and more. Keep reading to see who else.

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Great American Techno Festival 2013 Friday, September 13 - Sunday, September 15 - Denver, CO

Jeff Mills (Axis Records - Chicago, IL)

Lusine (Ghostly International - Seattle, WA)

Clark Warner (Ghostly International/Minus - Denver, CO)

Bruno Pronsato (The Song Says - Seattle, WA)

Kyle Geiger (Cubera/Drumcode/Soma - Ft. Wayne, IN)

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