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The Lovemakers

For songwriters, breakups usually yield the best music. But in-band separations can be touchy — unless, of course, you're Fleetwood Mac and you've got enough cocaine to cover all the tension in a thick, dusty layer. For the Lovemakers, the split between primary songwriter/vocalists Lisa Light and Scott Blonde kicked off the band's most prolific period so far. Its latest release is the first in a series of several EPs scheduled to come out at six-month intervals, with each track accompanied by an elaborate video. Known for sunny melodies and the over-the-top theatrics of its live shows, the Bay-area electro-acoustic pop outfit has a rare gift for turning homicidal and suicidal fantasies, profound loneliness and despair, and, yes, bitter breakup hostility into danceable skip-and-smile sing-alongs. While the Lovemakers' records don't always capture their edge and energy, the gloves (along with the rest of their clothes) really come off on stage.
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Eryc Eyl
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