The National capture "Sorrow" in three and a half perfect minutes

Been a while since we had a Song of the Day post, eh? Well, we've got a doozy for you today. It's "Sorrow," a great track off the recent National album High Violet. It's a quiet, slow-burn of a track that compresses a lifetime of heartbreak and regret into just over three minutes of perfectly melancholy pop.

We're presenting it here in a live version because a) the National is a fantastic live band that frequently tops the studio versions of its songs on stage and b) we prefer to post the official, legal versions rather than something some dude uploaded to YouTube and thus far the label has only made a couple of live versions available.

This isn't a song that will take your head off or melt your face, but give it a chance and a close listen and it will pierce your heart -- at least, it will if you've ever experienced the kid of sorrow that makes you sing lines like "It's only about half a heart alone" or "Sorrow's a girl inside my cage" or simply, "I don't want to get over you." So, pretty much everyone who's had a heart and had it broken, by a person, by fate or just by time.

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