The original Walnut Room on Walnut Street expanding kitchen and renovating music room

A few months ago, the original Walnut Room on Walnut Street closed in its patio, put heaters out there and expanded the seating. Because of that, the spot has been a lot more busy and to accommodate for that the kitchen is being expanded and the bar in the music room is being moved. Randall Frazier, the Walnut Room's talent buyer and sound engineer, says that the space that was once the bar in the music room will now be part of the kitchen and a new bar, which will be much smaller, is being installed in the back near the sound board.

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"So that doesn't really change our capacity as far as the music side of things go since that space was being used for the bar anyway," Frazier says. "They're just kind of closing that in and making it part of the kitchen. They can put more ovens in to keep up with more people being there."

There won't be any shows there until the renovations are complete. Frazier says shows will resume on Friday, March 14, with the venue's fourth annual Green Beer and Bluegrass show, a two-day even that features Trout Steak Revival, the Railsplitters and Chain Station on Friday evening, and Oakhurst, Taarka and Chuck Wagon on Saturday, March 15.

Frazier says the time off from doing shows during the construction has given him a chance to take the sound system apart, clean the amps and fix things. The renovation shouldn't have much impact on the acoustics of space, says Frazier.

Along with the kitchen renovation, the menu is expanding, as well, to include items like Bruschetta, which is essentially French bread Crostini topped with chopped Roma tomatoes, roasted garlic, red onion, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, melted mozzarella cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette. Homemade hummus is also being added to the appetizer options.

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