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The Pit, a new hip-hop open-mic night, debuts this Thursday at the Funky Buddha

This Thursday, April 11, at the Funky Buddha, Turner Jackson is set to kick off a new monthly hip-hop open mike night called the Pit with DJ Dozen. The Pit, which is open to any and every rap artist who want a chance to rock the mic, will give ten performers the chance to showcase their skills in six-minute increments, along with guest performances by more established artists.

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As Colorado steadily stakes its claim as a producer of commercially viable music, one of the few movements that doesn't seem to be gaining as much traction is hip-hop. When it comes to rap, "Denver has a reputation for having terrible music," says Jackson, "which is not the case." One of the reasons, he says, is the lack of a platform for local artists to grow and showcase their talent.

"I had a platform," Turner goes on, "the Rex Lounge, which closed in January of 2012, but for like three or four years, every Wednesday, I could go up there and rap and perform and perfect my craft. I know that there's a 19-year-old kid or an 18 or a 21-year-old kid out there who's just as hungry as I was, who will go and practice every Thursday if they're there, and [the Pit is] for him."

But the Pit is not only for fledgling rappers to get their chops, it will function as a showcase for some the unheralded Colorado talent that's already floating around without many places to go. For its inaugural week, the Pit is bringing in Rebel Queen and Blvck Jordan to perform thirty-minute sets. There's no cover for the Pit and the window to sign-up for a slot is from 9-10:30 p.m.

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