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The Rakes

What the world needs is more white people playing rock music, because frankly, there are just not enough third- and fourth-generation garage-rock bands to go around anymore. The rations of Clash-meets-Gang-of-Four up-tempo crack is running low -- and dammit, the kids aren't all right. Thank heavens, then, for the Rakes, four pale English blokes that play the exact kind of White-Strokes-Bloc rock that's to be expected from four pale English blokes. Capture/Release has all the sensibilities of a myspace "sounds like" list that includes ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Moving Units, the Streets, the Cloud Room, Franz Ferdinand -- and so on and so on. The Rakes on record are catchy as heck, though the drivel of artsy lyrics and dance-club beats are about as worn out as those stupid haircuts. But if that's how the Rakes want to swing, then white-belt power to them.
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Tuyet Nguyen