The Raven and the Writing Desk's new video for "Stay the Same."
The Raven and the Writing Desk's new video for "Stay the Same."
The Raven and the Writing Desk

The Raven and the Writing Desk's Francis Bacon-Like Music Video

This summer we wrote about a struggle between local musicians who said they had been screwed out of gigs they had been promised at a summer music festival put on by Stella's on 16th, a restaurant that closed down just a week after our report.

One of those outspoken acts was the Raven and the Writing Desk. Amid the fury, news was buried that the band had dropped its latest music video for the song "Stay the Same."

The video, directed by Westword MasterMind Jeromie Lawrence Dorrance of Dateline, opens with shots of the bandmembers and then morphs into a psychedelic array of digitally processed images of the musicians melting into each other. Like a trippy moving-image cousin of a Francis Bacon painting, the video manages to explore the inner workings of the bandmates by altering how they look on the outside.

The band describes the moody pop song as "a little breezy summertime sad-pop," and who couldn't use that as summer fades into autumn? Enjoy.

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