The ReMINDers rock the Apollo

Aside from Red Rocks, there's only a handful of stages that merit inclusion on any performer's bucket list. We're talking about places that are so revered they're considered hallowed ground, the type of places in which artists dream of performing at for their entire lives. CBGB's before it became a high-end men's fashion botique, perhaps? Or the Whiskey in the intervening years between Jim Morrison and Guns N' Roses? The iconic Apollo Theater in Harlem most certainly belongs on such a list.

And there's one Colorado act that can cross that last one off the list. Last month, Big Samir and Aja Black, aka the ReMINDers out of Colorado Springs, had the chance to perform at the Apollo. While it wasn't a slot at the theater's long standing Amateur Night that drew them there, the experience was undoubtedly every bit as gratifying for the duo, we've got to think.

Sharing the stage with Mos Def, the group was one of more than a dozen acts featured at Iman at the Apollo, an event organized by Chicago's Inner City Muslim Action Network, celebrating Muslim arts and culture. As you can see from the clip above and the ones posted after the jump, the crew proudly repped Colorado in the Big Apple.

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