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The Roches

"We are Maggie and Terre and Suzzy/Maggie and Terre and Suzzy Roche" sang the Roches on the opening track of their acclaimed 1979 debut. "Sometimes our voices give out," the sisters continue, "but not our ages and our phone numbers." While this bit of lyrical tomfoolery held a certain degree of beguiling charm even then — with the girls hardly splitting sixty years between them — it now stands as a testament to what made the Roches so wonderful in the first place. They knew how to have fun, and they showed it continuously in their playful, inventive use of language and fresh treatments of odd and varied musical forms. Nearly three decades later, the sisters have matured a bit, offering up nostalgic and wistful tunes that could only have come with years spent making wonderful music, their voices carrying the weight and the wonder of all that time. And when those three voices coalesce in an effort to make you smile, good luck frowning.

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