The spirit of La Casa Del Fonk to be revived at b-boy jam and hip-hop Easter egg hunt

Way back some twenty or so years ago, in the nascent days of Mile High hip-hop, the burgeoning b-boy scene revolved around two places, Kontents, at Colfax and Logan (later Colfax and Emerson), and La Casa Del Fonk, at 20th and Larimer. If you made your way into either joint, there was a great chance you ran into Denver's top street artists and b-boys. Kontents and La Casa Del Fonk are both gone now, of course, footnotes in the annals of Denver history.

On Sunday, April 24, though, the spirit of Del Fonk will be revived at Club Arriba for a like-named event being touted as La Casa Del Fonk...A Denver Classic /1st Ever Hip-Hop Easter Egg Hunt, featuring b-boy/b-girl jams, a blackbook session in which graf writers show off and do toss-ups in each other's sketchbooks, and cyphers. The get-down goes down from 1 to 6 p.m. in the former After the Gold Rush space (another bygone piece of Denver history) at 6th and Sheridan.

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