The Swayback's Eric Halborg plays first solo acoustic shows in, like, a million years

Okay, so not a million, but the Swayback frontman is putting down his bass and picking up the acoustic guitar for the first time in a long time, going solo tonight at the Surfside 7 in Fort Collins and December 23 at 3 Kings Tavern. At the request -- or demand, rather -- of his good friend Brendan Kelly of Lawrence Arms, Halborg will be opening Kelly's acoustic holiday shows.

"Brendan called me and said, 'I've got two shows, and you're opening'," Halborg jokes of Kelly's invitation to join him. According to Halborg, he hasn't played alone acoustically since he was a nineteen-year-old busking on Michigan Avenue in Chicago (a performance Halborg claims concluded with the police physically "asking" him to leave.)

As a solo opener, Halborg promises a few Swayback songs plus some covers, maybe of the Replacements and Junior Wells variety. The performance won't be totally stripped down -- Halborg will be running his guitar, harmonica and vocals through Ableton, so expect a reverb-heavy, ethereal sound. Yeah, man. Some music of the new and free variety is also floating around the Swayback camp, and should be surfacing closer to the New Year -- we will keep you posted.

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