The Swayback's Rent Party at Beauty Bar

Back in June when Beauty Bar opened its doors, The Swayback's Eric Halborg and Bill Murphy were brought in to throw down some jams and get the party started on 13th Avenue once again, following the Snake Pit's closing the year before. The night was a hit, and has since morphed into the monthly Rent Party, a no cost, no mash-up evening in which you can expect to hear everything from Front 242 to Lil Wayne.

Taking on the name Rent Party -- a term originally coined in the 1920s meaning an informal gathering of musicians to raise tenant funds -- the night seeks the feel of a casual, modern day house party.

"The DJ booth is huge and sounds great," says Halborg. "So we decided it was a good place to play our records, booze and dance a bit, and soak in the fog."

What a better way to detox from an entire day with your family than a night that promises to bring songs by Fleetwood Mac, James Brown and Love and Rockets to the same dance floor? Plus its Beauty Bar, meaning you can get down, drink a bit, and get a manicure all at the same time.

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