The Ten Best Denver Music Videos — 2016 Edition

Another year, another twelve months of outstanding local music videos. We watched more videos than we can remember this year, and there were lots of winners, showing off the Denver music community's signature innovation and sense of humor. Though it's impossible to make a comprehensive list, here are the ten music videos made by Denver bands in the last year that have stuck with us.

Note: As we said, there is more art then we can take in sometimes. If you had a music video you liked this year, share it in the comments, we'd be happy to view it. 

 "Girlfriend" — In The Whale
In The Whale spent most of 2015 on the road, touring with various bands and playing probably every city twice. But when the band was home, it stopped by the hallowed grounds of Red Rocks to give a fantastic performance of the catchy single, "Girlfriend." The video is simple, but then again, with In The Whale's insane stage presence, simple is all you need. 

9. "Quetzalcoatlus" — Ian Cooke
No other musician has two videos on this list, but no musician besides Ian Cooke put as much time and energy into making the world of dinosaurs come to life. Like a history lesson you would actually pay attention to, "Quetzalcoatlus" (no, we can't pronounce that either) brings the dead to life and makes you care about creatures from eons ago. Cello and dinosaurs turned out to be the perfect musical combination — who knew?

8. "Red Plastic Cup" — Turner Jackson

Oh, the ode to the party. Those nights that end the next day, where you spend hours dancing, drinking, and conversing with strangers who quickly become your friends, your brethren of the night. Many people have written this ode, and many have failed in the attempt. But Turner Jackson, longtime Denver hip-hop master, succeeds with aplomb. Managing to make it genuine without turning into parody. As I age, I've grown weary of the red solo cup parties that last until 4 a.m, preferring a quiet room with friends and a bottle of whiskey. But Jackson makes me want to don my best party dress, grab my girl squad, and throw a house party for the ages, all while singing along to “Red Plastic Cup.” 

7. "Taste Your Medicine" — Pink Hawks

Sometimes the best music videos are the ones that are the most fun, as is the case with Pink Hawks' “Taste Your Medicine.” The pop/jazz/world band took over a roller rink and turned it into the disco of your dreams for this non-stop party of a video. Filled with neon and the fantastic music of Pink Hawks, this video will make you want to find an empty warehouse, a good funk band, and throw the best black light skate party ever. If only your 10th birthday party at the sad, now defunct roller rink had been this cool. 

6. "Had It All" — One Flew West

Indie rock gets a bad rap in this town where the only buzz seems to be around hipsters in suspenders or freaks with synths, but One Flew West is bringing it back, and bringing it back well with the “Had It All” video. An obvious spoof of the “Too Many Cooks” nightmare of a video (which takes place in Denver if the opening shot is to be believed). The band makes you giggle while blasting through one of the better indie-rock songs in recent times.

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