The ten best EDM songs of 2013

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10. Machinedrum - "Gunshotta" Throwing some R&B onto a dance track is a stretch, but Machinedrum pulled it off nicely. The drums make this dance track, well, danceable, but the vocals really carry the weight of the whole song. It's got that dance club vocal that comes in strong, then the soulful "too many times" occasionally dropping at the perfect moment. It's deep, and it resonates.

9. Fedde Le Grand - "Rockin n Rollin" This monster of a track comes straight from the Sensation phenomenon Fedde Le Grand. It's made for big rooms with big crowds getting loud as fuck, and the "rockin... n rollin" distorted vocal draws you in. Then, you have the gradual buildup up rolling keys into the crescendo: An anthem of epic proportions. The crashing drums two-thirds of the way through the song start the insanity over, and then, as predicted, the hard bass comes in and you lose your mind.

8. Flume - "Holdin' On' ft. Freddie Gibbs Who the fuck is Flume? A brilliant hip-hop turned EDM star, that's who. Bringing Freddie Gibbs in on the track, Flume put together a rollin' banger that makes any car ride enjoyable. Oh yea! It also fits perfect in any set because it's not one of those annoying big room bangers that you hear all the time. It has soul. It has feeling. It has emotion. You feel the struggle of holdin' onto something through the whole thing, and then, just like Keyser Soze, it's gone.

7. Bassnectar & ill.Gates - "Expanded" This track is reminiscent of that Bassnectar sound from the Cozza Frenzy days. Not that everything in between wasn't great, but this one with ill.Gates really brings it all full circle. It's slow in the beginning, but then brings that ratatat drum to get the sweat pouring. The melody has got to be all ill.Gates, because the bass is classic Bassnectar. All in all, this song will have you head banging hard as hell and then two-stepping in the middle. It's Bassnectar and ill.Gates at their finest.

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