The ten best metal shows in Denver in August

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GIGANTOUR @ 1STBANK Center | FRI, 8/2/13 Sure, Megadeth's last several albums have been less than stellar, but they can still rip it up on stage, playing the schoolyard rough 'em up songs from back in the day. You also can't find too many more musicians dedicated to giving his fans an awesome show than Mustaine -- plus, you might get lucky and hear Dave rant about politics. Black Label Society, who's far superior on stage, is also on the bill, as well as Jason Newsted's namesake band Newsted.

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BARONESS @ BLUEBIRD THEATER | WED, 8/21/13 When a southern sludge metal band like Baroness slogs into town with an album of the year according to Revolver and Decibel magazines, its hard to resist the mudslide headed toward the Bluebird. Baroness can tire out its concertgoers with brow-dripping long solos, dueling leads and poetic societal soul-searching lyrics set free with a motley of harmonies and screaming. (Baroness is also due at the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs on Tuesday, August 20.)

THE SUMMER SLAUGHTER TOUR @ OGDEN THEATRE | FRI, 8/16/13 As one of the pioneers of mathcore, The Dillinger Escape Plan's mindboggling debut album Calculating Infinity was the first album to be hailed as the subgenre's new identity, weaving viciously chaotic metal with the boldly experimental and second-to-second instrumental shifts. If you have never come across Dillinger before, just walk past a woodshop class that's right next the heavy metal class in the school of rock. (Cattle Decapitation, Animals As Leaders, Periphery, Norma Jean, the Ocean, Revocation and AEON share this Summer Slaughter bill with the Dillinger Escape Plan.)

SOULFLY @ MARQUIS THEATER | SAT, 8/3/13 Back to the primitive like a caveman from the Ice Age, Soulfly busts out percussion-rich Brazilian tribal metal, along with instruments that look like they were crafted in the Amazon rainforest. This show is the chance to run, shove and slam in a mosh pit, as well as break out the tribal dancing shoes circling around the mosh pit. Soulfly is a direct descendent of Sepultura, one of the good suns of thrash/groove metal.

RUSH @ PEPSI CENTER | FRI, 8/2/13 For one of the most successful bands in history, Rush remains a pretty cryptic bunch. Formed in 1968, the Canadian trio of guitarist Alex Lifeson, drummer/lyricist Neil Peart (who joined in 1974) and singer/bassist/keyboardist Geddy Lee began as a Zeppelin-esque hard-rock combo before mutating into rock's most progressive, subversive A-lister. Despite such a formidable mystique, though, Rush has always possessed a quirky, heart-on-its-sleeve nerdiness, even when surrounded by intricate rhythms and consummate riffs. -- Jason Heller

CHIMAIRA @ MARQUIS THEATRE - WED, 8/14/13 Lengthy attention-grabbing solos are the cornerstone of any great metal band, and Chimaira upholds that quality and provides a backbone of harsh vocals that gradually dirtied itself from earlier in the band's career. Multiple lineup changes have stalled the band in the past, but the outfit has kept moving forward, producing a progressively aggressive sound for its listeners. Chimaira has a new album in hand, Crown of Phantoms, to clean out your ears with a spanking new metal Q-tip.

GREEN JELLY @ ROXY THEATRE | THURS, 8/1/13 When going to the record store, if you bought Green Day albums instead of Green Jello/Jelly albums -- which were the shit, man -- then this isn't the show for you. In the '80s/early '90s and since reuniting in 2008, Green Jelly has been spewing, puking and flicking boogery gobs of Garbage Pail Kids punk/heavy metal into the laughing mouths of degenerates.

KING CONQUER @ CITY HALL - FRI, 8/30/13 As bold and specific in their political beliefs as they are technically practiced in a deep growling ditch of bass dropping deathcore (with death metal more at the forefront), King Conquer is marching into Denver with a new album, 1776, to feed its minions with a fresh appetite. The band's last album America's Most Haunted spiked its sound with a shot of groove metal to cleverly contrast with the rest of its gut ripping brutality.

ÆNIMUS @ MARQUIS THEATRE | MON, 8/5/13 Blowing in from the Bay Area with the band's first full-length album set to release August 6, Transcend Reality, Ænimus brings in a new twist bumping down the wild speed of most deathcore, adding an eerie, ill-tempered atmosphere. With a steady pulsing double-bass drum on the band's new single "Inertia," Ænimus still keeps a sturdy, chugging riffage and then tears away into solos with a purpose.

KILL SYNDICATE TOUR KICKOFF @ MARQUIS THEATER | FRI, 8/16/13 If you're new to Denver, Kill Syndicate will start you off right as one of the many talented representations that the Denver metal scene has to offer. If you've seen them a dozen times already, everyone knows the thirteenth time is always the best experience.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.