The Ten Types of People You Meet at 4/20 in the Streets

A colorful array of Denverites packed the block for Cervantes 4/20 In the Streets. Following a weekend where police issued 160 citations at 4/20-related events, the security was tight, making people caught smoking immediately put out their joint or pipe. One security guard told the audience they had to stop smoking because someone in the neighborhood was trying to “shut it down.” Thankfully, the party wasn't shut down, and it grew in size as the day went on.

There were plenty of surprises in store during the performances. In one particularly Mile High-worthy moment, Joey Bada$$ made an appearance during Dizzy Wright’s set, just moments before Dizzy crowdsurfed halfway into the audience, where he led a countdown to 4:20 p.m.

Something wonderful about Denver is that there are no cliché stoners. Instead, the block party was filled with a wide range of unique cannabis lovers, young and old, local and non-local. Here are ten people you meet at 4/20 In the Streets:

10. Barely Legal
They have Xs on both hands, so you know they used their allowance to get in. Very sweet and innocent, the barely-legal crowd has their whole lives ahead of them. Try not to be too bad of an influence on one of these youngun’s. Deep down, they just want to be more like Kendall Jenner.

9. The Floral Hat Mafia
Also known as the Supreme-wearing gang of twenty-year-old white guys, the Floral Hat Mafia is a secret club that requires you to own these floral bucket hats. So it’s not hard to get into. They roll up their pants and usually have floral repeating in their outfit, as if they are late for a Catalina wine mixer.

8. Ganja Queens
Fierce and unapologetic, you can spot a Ganja Queen from a mile away. Ganja Queens command attention and also roll amazing blunts. They always seem to find a way backstage, either by sweet-talking or being such a cannabis socialite that they are invited in. Do you, girl.
7. The Girl Who Missed the Bus to Coachella
Crop tops, sun hats, belly shirts, body chains. These girls look like they either missed the bus to Coachella music festival or they just got drunk and went shopping at an Urban Outfitters. It’s basically the same thing.

6. Don’t F&%# With Me
There are some hard-core people out here at 4/20 In the Streets that you just don’t want to mess with. Trust us. This is still Five Points. If you get into a confrontation with an intimidating gangster frog, take him seriously and back off.

5. Super High Industry Guy
If you see someone dressed as a chicken, or a pot-smoking Uncle Sam, then he is likely a Super High Industry Guy, someone who works in the cannabis business and is always trying to sell you something. That something could be an edible, stock in his company, a website, a comedy show or a combo of all of the above. Don’t worry, Industry Guy — you're in the right place at the right time. I still don’t want a flier, though.  

4. The Free Spirit
The Free Spirits really don't care what you think, and there are three ways to tell. The first is in the way they dance unassumingly to the live music, literally like no one is watching. Second is their overall attire, and third has to be their overall disregard for people around them as they twirl Poi balls in the air.

3. Tie Dye Nymph
Carrying an obscure string instrument, the Tie Dye Nymph is usually really stoned and eating pumpkin seeds. The Tie Dye Nymph is a chameleon of 4/20 In the Streets and can blend in anywhere. She and her ilk are among the most seasoned dancers at the concert. They sway to the jazzy beats of the Underacheivers yet they can twerk with the best of them to Dizzy Wright, Collie Buddz, Redman and Method Man.

2. The Tourist
The tourists are having a blast. They're still trying to wrap their heads around the concept of legal marijuana, so they look like wide-eyed kids in a candy shop. Although slightly confused by the “no public smoking” signs posted at 4/20 In the Streets, they don't let it stop them from partaking. The tourists will don some Colorado gear to remember us by, especially if they are on their way home.

1. The Local
Unlike some other, more tourist-aimed 4/20 events, Cervantes' pulls a wide range of local and hipster crowds to the show. The Locals aren't dressed up fancy, and aren't wearing Colorado gear unless they're recent transplants. The Locals do this shit all the time, so it’s no big deal. They're here for the music and to hang with their homies. If you smoke like the Locals smoke, then you’re high, like, every day. 
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Lindsey Bartlett is a writer, photographer, artist, Denver native and weed-snob. Her work has been published in Vanity Fair, High Times and Leafly, to name a few.
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