The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Panthers Fight Songs

Thank God for YouTube — if only because NFL super-fans can broadcast their homemade anthems to the rest of the world. Fans of the Carolina Panthers are quick to show their claws and express their team pride via song. These misguided tributes take many sonic forms, ranging from Southern rap to hard rock, but they all have one thing in common: They're ridiculous. 

10. Dominate the Foe, by Ked Woodley
Mr. Woodley is a one-man wrecking crew. I can picture him sitting at his kitchen table writing this song, wondering where to insert his iconic growls. Don’t worry, there's plenty more from Big-Cat Ked.

9. Carolina Colors, by Petey Pablo
It would be blasphemous to leave Petey Pablo off of any list involving (questionable) North Carolina music. This song might be the worst on this list, but it has the most star power.

8. I Love to Be in Carolina, by Jermaine
The best part of this video is the animated panther stalking around in the background. That’s some serious CGI. The actual song sounds so bad it makes me want to gouge my eyes out. 

7. Carolina Panthers theme song, by Tim Hall and Buffalo Country
Not breaking down any stereotypes with this one, Carolina. It's standard country-rock fare from the South. You can just picture thousands of hillbillies chanting these cheesy lyrics at Carolina bars.

6. NFC Championship Victory Song, by BestDaddy82
How has this guy not signed a major record deal yet? He can hit the notes and he’s got a killer stage presence. It takes him a while to get going, but he believes in his voice and his Panthers so much that we almost...nah.

Read on for the top five most cringe-worthy Panthers fan tributes.
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