The Walkmen's Peter Bauer: "Skrillex makes me feel like I don't understand what's happening"

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The Walkmen's first album, Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone, came out ten years and two months before its latest -- and perhaps loveliest -- Heaven. For the greatest symbol of the band's change in perspective over the last decade, look no further than its promotional art, in which the New York-D.C.-Philly guys showcase their roles as fathers, not rock stars. While their debut heralded youth and experimentation in New York, a sort of dudes-in-a-dorm mentality, their latest has grown with the guys to become an introspective look at life after moving, marrying, giving birth and, eventually, growing up. We recently caught up with organist Peter Bauer to discuss children, longevity, bath salts, dubstep and what heaven really means.

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Kelsey Whipple
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