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The Weekend Showdown: Astrophagus will be at the Meadowlark. So will we.

We would hate for you to miss out on all the awesome that happens every weekend in our fair city, so we've decided to run down three of the best shows in one easy-to-swallow post, with video and audio. Tell us -- and the rest of the world -- what we missed in the comments.

This weekend: Astrophagus breaks in a new drummer and raises money to donate to UNICEF for relief efforts in Haiti at the Meadowlark, John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light releases its new CD at Casselman's, and the Swayback returns to rock the hi-dive with Houses.

1. Astrophagus

With Wire Faces, Pollination Population, Dugoutcanoe, Megaphon and Lifeboat Etiquette Meadowlark Saturday, January 16. Show starts at 8pm.

Why you should go: Well, you mean besides the fact that all of the proceeds from the door will be donated to UNICEF? Easy. It's going to kick ass. Experimental works to describe the music but fails to capture how much fun this show will be. There are five good bands on this bill, all of them making interesting music and none of them known for playing tons of shows. So this isn't the sort of show you can catch in a couple weeks. Astrophagus, which will be breaking in its new drummer E.J. Ulery at this gig, kicks more ass live than you can imagine and the rest are no slouches.

Listen: Astrophagus Wire Faces Pollination Population Dugout Canoe Lifeboat Etiquette

2. John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light CD RElease With Achille Lauro and Danielle Ate the Sandwich. Casselman's Saturday, January 16. Show starts at 7pm. $15 presale, $20 at the door

Why you should go: Before you balk at the price, check the goodies that come with it: A copy of the new John Common CD, Beautiful Empty, and, in deference to the band's belief in the power of collaborative art, an accompanying short film series and the Common Box project, where artists from across North America were given an empty box and the record and told to respond. Plus, you get the jaw-dropping Achille Lauro and the enchanting Danielle Ate the Sandwich.

Listen: John Common Achille Lauro Danielle Ate the Sandwich

3. The Swayback With Myke Howard and Houses hi-dive Saturday, January 16. Doors at 8pm. $8

Why you should go: This is a proper rock and roll show, top to bottom. Start with Houses, who are by now just running away with the title of Denver's most crowd-pleasing band. What We Do Is Secret's Myke Howard, who serves as the creamy middle, will be behind the decks, warming the crowd up for The Swayback, who return with their big, bad, fuzz-covered rock to once again inspire fist pumping good times.

Listen: The Swayback Myke Howard Houses

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