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The Weekend Showdown: The Flobots Big Party will not be denied.

We would hate for you to miss out on all the awesome that happens every weekend in our fair city, so we've decided to run down five of the best shows in one easy-to-swallow post, with video and audio. Tell us -- and the rest of the world -- what we missed in the comments.

This week, a pair of Denver's most famous bands are taking up residence in their home city. Pretty Lights just finished three shows in Fort Collins and Boulder and he'll be doing two this weekend here in Denver. The Flobots are only playing one, but it's a CD release and should be a pretty good time regardless of your personal feelings on the act.

1. Flobots CD Release With The Pirate Signal and Air Dubai Ogden Theater Friday, March 12. Show starts at 9pm. $22.00-$25.00

Why you should go: The Flobots are one of Denver's three most visible bands, and the charity work they do is extensive and exceptionally difference-making. It's been a while since we've heard a peep musically, however, and the steady growing early word on the new album is that it's an improvement. Not going to convert the haters, necessarily, but it should make for a seriously passionate release show. The Pirate Signal, of course, bring that every time they step on stage.

Listen: Flobots The Pirate Signal Air Dubai

2. Pretty Lights With Lyrics Born and Bobby Collins Ogden Theater Saturday, March 13. Show starts at 10pm $25.00-$30.00

Why you should go: This dude might well be encroaching on the Flobots, visibility-wise, in the next year or so. The extent of his national success remains to be seen, but here in Colorado there's no question. Five sold out gigs in a row at reasonably large venues is a testament to that. His setlist full of ass movers should make for a hell of a dance party this weekend.

Listen: Pretty Lights Lyrics Born Bobby Collins

3. Viva City With Astrophagus, Wire Faces and Fierce Bad Rabbit Meadowlark Saturday, March 13. Doors open at 8pm.

Why you should go: Something serious is going on in the UK. Seems like every time we turn around, a new band with a big-ass, goth fuzz electronic sound is tearing its way stateside. The Meadowlark should be packed and ridiculous on Saturday, with three great Denver bands getting things started.

Listen: Viva City Astrophagus Wire Faces Fierce Bad Rabbit

4. John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light With The Dan Craig Band and The West The Walnut Room Saturday, March 13. Show starts at 8pm. $9.00 ($12.00 day of show)

Why you should go: John Common has found his happy place and we're the beneficiaries. He's doing more creative and interesting things than ever -- have you seen the People's Kazoo Orchestra? His latest album with his band, Blinding Flashes of Light, is his most heartfelt effort and it's hard not to buy his vision when you see how satisfied they are live.

Listen: John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light The Dan Craig Band

5. John Doe (from X) With Slakjaw Lion's Lair Saturday, March 13. Doors open at 8pm.

Why you should go: John Doe is putting in a pair of night's at the Lion's Lair, so you can catch him tonight as well. X is, of course, one of the best punk bands ever, and they were known for their other-worldly live shows back in the day. It's not quite like that anymore, obviously, but this man is a legend of rock and roll and there's something incredibly kick-ass and old school about the fact that he's playing a venue this small.

Listen: John Doe (from X) Slakjaw

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