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The Weekend Showdown: We're hanging out with The Jim Jims

We would hate for you to miss out on all the awesome that happens every weekend in our fair city, so we've decided to run down five of the best shows in one easy-to-swallow post, with video and audio. Tell us -- and the rest of the world -- what we missed in the comments.

This week, Larimer Lounge is hosting a pair of solid local lineups headed by The Jim Jims tomorrow and Portamento tonight. Over at the Ogden, it's band-of-the-moment Vampire Weekend followed by Ray Davies of The Kinks, both of which should be fun. Not bad for a weekend when the whole music world seems to be in Austin.

1. The Jim Jims With Sun Red, Green Typewriters and Makeout Point Larimer Lounge Saturday, March 20. Show starts at 9pm.

Why you should go: A pair of bands who make their living on messy pop gems and two more with a warm, melodic vibe should make for an engaging show from start to finish.

Listen: The Jim Jims Sun Red Green Typewriters" target="_blank">Makeout Point

2. Portamento

Peña - "Hyena Arms" Live at The Larimer Lounge from Latenight Weeknight on Vimeo.

With Pena, I Know You, Rider, and Anisette Larimer Lounge Friday, March 19. Show starts at 10pm

Why you should go: This is a heavy freaking show, featuring rock bands writing symphonies with guitars and creating huge tapestries of sound. Maybe this one won't have you tapping your feet, but when they're on, any of these guys can put on an awe-inspiring performance.

Listen: Portamento Pena I Know You, Rider Anisette

3. Itchy-O With Dugoutcannoe, Via Old Curtis Street Bar Friday, March 19. Show starts at 9pm. $5

Why you should go: All three bands on this lineup will challenge the way you think about and feel music. Itchy-O is particularly adept at making ambient and experimental music and not taking it too seriously, which is a rare combination.

Listen: Itchy-O

4. Vampire Weekend With The Blow Ogden Theater Friday, March 19. Show starts at 9pm. SOLD OUT

Why you should go: Love their boat-shoe style or hate it, there's really no denying the songs at this point. Vampire Weekend set the bar for pop music in 2010 with Contra and tonight they'll try and warm a sold out crowd braving the snow.

Listen: Vampire Weekend The Blow

5. Ray Davies With The 88 Ogden Theater Saturday, March 20. Show starts at 7:30. $35.00-$65.00

Why you should go: Ray Davies of the Kinks needs no introduction. Maybe the ticket price is a little steep, but this is a man who belongs on a short list alongside The Beatles and Rolling Stones.

Listen: Ray Davies The 88

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