The worst of Coachella 2013: Weekend two

Timothy Norris

Native American Headdresses These have still not gone away. In fact, one particularly irritating woman (not pictured) wore a towering feather mohawk weave, a sartorial statement that combined racism with rave gaudiness. On Friday, she pushed her way in front of us, obstructing our and everyone else's view of the show. Congratulations, lady, you're Coachella's worst person! -- Andrea Domanick

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Pharrell Performing the Daft Punk Song, But Not at Coachella On Friday Pharrell performed "Get Lucky," his much-buzzed-about collaboration with Daft Punk, for the very first time. In Brooklyn! It's bad enough that he was in last weekend's promo video tease that pissed everyone off. But this is just insulting. -- Andrea Domanick

Ryan Cox

Mr. Coachella Snail, You're in the Way! We love you, large mollusk, but we really couldn't see much during Of Monsters and Men. -- Ryan Cox

Ryan Cox

Guys Wearing Crocs That Look Like Animal Feet Yuck. -- Ryan Cox

The Nasty Shit on the Ground By the end of each night, the entire field (and especially the ground in each tent) was a dumpy trash pile of water bottles, broken sunglasses, dirty bandanas and glow sticks. Particularly degenerate items spotted in the field included an empty coke bag and a tampon inserter. -- Katie Bain

Last Call We headed to the beer garden at 11:45 pm for one last frosty before Sigur Rós, only to be greeted by a security guard shaking his head at us. What is this, a baseball game? Beer garden, you were closed when we needed you most! -- Taylor Hamby

Nate Jackson
This Is a Brain Hemorrhage

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Brain Hemorrhage: The Drink Coachella campers come up with some really weird and disgusting mixed drinks to pour down their gullets. One campsite we encountered was busy knocking back a concoction they dubbed a "Brain Hemorrhage." It's peach schnapps with Baileys Irish cream spooned on top (curdling in the summer heat) and red grenadine dropped in the middle. Due to the different chemical compounds in the drink, the red grenadine forms a red streak in the middle of the cup that is supposed to look like a brain stem. Hmm. Maybe we'll just have a Sierra Nevada. -- Nate Jackson

Ryan Cox

Amateur Videography You're shooting the show with your iPad, seriously? FYI, your beautiful retina screen display still looks like shit from 100 feet away. -- Ryan Cox

Dude Who Shaved His Chest a Week Ago Maybe he did so for week one. But now all of his tiny gross hairs were growing in. [Shiver.] -- Ben Westhoff

Bizarre Bro Ritual Walking through the main-stage grass after Phoenix's headlining set Saturday night, we happened upon a pack of bros engaging in a strange ritual: They were drunkenly scooping up the crushed water bottles and beer cans littering the ground and hurling them at each other, knocking one another to the ground only to rise and do it again in a fit of giggles. They went on like this for about ten minutes. Riveting. -- Andrea Domanick

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