The year in reviews: a handy link guide to all the records reviewed in Westword this year

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Perhaps inspired by the fact that we're in the process of putting together our annual year-end lists and thus reflecting on our favorite releases from the past twelve months, we've been going through all the albums we reviewed in 2009 in an effort to stir our memories just in case a worthy release or two happened to slip our minds -- not much of a stretch, considering our fading, unreliable memories and given the sheer number of discs released this year.

Anyhow, we thought we might as well put our time to good use, and so we created a compendium of sorts for you, like we did with our features and Rough Mixes, to give you a chance to catch up on any releases you might've missed or forgotten about. After the jump, you'll find a link to every album reviewed in 2009 (nearly 200 in all), organized alphabetically -- because doing it chronologically just seemed tedious and, well, didn't make much sense.

303 Daisycutter - 303 Daisycutter
A Melodic Daydream - A Little Weird
Accordion Crimes - A Higher Quality Version of This
Action Packed Thrill Ride - Best I've Felt
Adam Adam - Those Clouds Look Like Bats
Air Dubai - The Early October
Alan Baird Projec, the - Tonight's the Night for Kings
Allen, Dan - Here
Alltunators, the - Nation of Three
Americans, the - We the People
Applegate, Eric - Red Skies
Arcanium - The Architects
Ard, Andy - What She Did
Awosika, Ayo - Hearts, Woods and Other Forgotten Things
Bad Weather California - Young Punks
Bankrobber - Vultures
Basham, Stu - Stu Basham EP
Bemused - Departed Ones
Black Sleep of Kali - Black Sleep of Kali
Blackout Pact, the - Wolves in the Lazarette
Blue Million Miles - Of Building Walls
Walker, Bobby - Git It
Born In Winter - Paper and Roses
Bottesini Project, the - Naima's Grass Pajamas
Broken Tongues - Vocal Cords
Bronze, the - The Bronze
Burn Heavy/Kingdom of Magic - Untitled 12"
Candy Claws - In the Dream of the Sea Life
Carbon Choir - High Beams
Catfish Kray Blues Band, the - Splash
Chella Negro - Silos and Smokestacks
Christines, the - Here It Comes Again
Clobber Jaw - Toxic Syndrome
Construct, the - The Construct
Council of Word - C02: A Heavy Gas
Coyote Poets of the Universe - Callin' You Home
Crack Magic - Crack Magic
Crawl - Crawl
Crowboy - Making Up for Lost Time
Culhanes, the - No Part of Nothin'
Dang! - Tornado
Dangerous Nonsense - Weapon of Choice EP
Deadbubbles - Frienemies
Death Hickey Blues - Raleigh St. 
Delby L - Nine Skies
Delta Sonics - Never Enough
Dethbox - Oofda!!
Devil Got Five - Devil Got Five
Dreaming Machines - Dreaming Machines
Dreaming Machines - Speed of Flying Creatures
Drop Dead, Gorgeous - The Hot N' Heavy
Dualistics - Dualistics
Emmitt-Nershi Band - New Country Blues
Euforquestra - Soup
Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story) - The Lucky One
Eyes & Ears - Howl at the Moon/Slave Wage 7"
Faces of Radio - The Frame Up
Fell - A Farewell to Echoes
Film Dailies, the - Staring Up At Giants Again
Flashbulb Fires - Glory
Fray, the - The Fray
Fresh Breath Committee - CPR
Fulcrum - Quack
Ganley, Ash - Cruel Waters
Gashead - Seething Aparatus
Glass Delirium - Thanks for a Monster's Many Heads
Glyphic - Everything Eventual 
Grandpa Mojo - Grandpa Mojo
Gription - Last In Line
GT & the Sidewinders - Across America
Haverstick, Neil - Spider
Hearts Like Lions - The 900
Hello Kavita - To a Loved One
Hideous Men - Laser Palace
Hollyfelds, the - Black Heart Blue
Honey Don't - Honey Don't 
Honor the Fallen - Pathos
Hot Robots - Built to Tilt
Hot White - Hot White
Improv - Omotion
Inactivists, the - Love Songs and Other Songs About Love
Isakov, Gregory Alan - This Empty Northern Hemisphere
Istari - Istari 
Ivory Drive - From This Far
Jim Jims, the - Bottom of the City
Key, Wil - Satisfy My Soul
Kissing Party - The Hate Album
Language of Termites, the - In a Different Time & Place 
Little Fyodor - Peace Is Boring
Littles Paia - Dew on the Needles
Lords of Fuzz - Lords of Fuzz
Lowdermilk, Bonnie - Up to Now
M.Pyres - Consider Me, Ghost
Magic Cyclops - Live Via Satelite from Davenport, Iowa
Makeout Point - Makeout Point
Marc Sabatella Quartet - Determination
Marchant, Mike - Outer Space and the Sea
Marcus Church - The Marcus Church Story
Maree Mcrae - Urgency
Marty Jones & the Great Unknowns - Drink & Song
Meese - Broadcast
Mighty Eighteen Wheeler, the - Stimulus Package
Moonspeed - Flowers of the Moon
Motet, the - Dig Deep
Motorhome - Almost Vegas
Mourned By Flies - Signs of Life
Mr. Anonymous - Mr. Anonymous 2
My Sister Outlaw - Tigers In Her Hips
Necrotek - Menschenfeind
nervesandgel - It Was All Just a Waste
Nichols, Zack - Bright Eyes EP
No High Fives to Bullshit/Snuggle - Untitled split 7"
Nod, the - Twisted Romance
Omens, the - Send Black Flowers
Outfit, the - The Outfit
Outta Controllers, the - The Outta Controlers
Pacific Pride - Pacific Pride
Panal S.A. de C.V.
Pena - Best Friends
Peru or Germany - Peru or Germany
Pictureplane - Dark Rift
Plastic Fantastic Lover - The Pink Album
Pop Wreck - Scorpio Rising
Porter, Patrick - A Swan at Smiley's
Postmodern Troll - Leftovers to Be
Potcheen - Steel Blue Sea
Price, Chad - Smile Sweet Face
Primasonic - Unadorned
Quillion - To the Hilt
Radical Knitting Circle - Radical Knitting Circle
Rae, Michaela - Blues with a Backbone
Rebellious Son - Pie Town EP
Rhythm Angels - Girls Like Us
Rob Drabkin - On These Heavy Feet
Roe - Letters and Lights
Rough Draft - It'll Be Alright
Saints - Saints
Sanders, Eric - It Ain't All About You
Science Partner - Science Partner
Silver Cord, the - Conflicting Emotions
Simon, Lelah - Third Week of April
Sin Vida - The Westwood Anthem
Six Months to Live - A Better Place
Six Months to Live - This Is What Happens
Skeleton of God - Primordial Dominion
Skellenger, Matt - Parentheticals
Skyline Surrender, the - This Is Character EP
Snake Mountain - Snake Mountain
Sonnenblume - Sonnenblume
Soul Daddy - A Safe Place
Space In Time - Space In Time
Spaceflight Orchestra - An Orchestra of One
Spring Creek - Way Up On a Mountain
St. Elias - Believe It
Stella Luce - Zugenruhe
Stern, Adam - Twang Shui
Subcon - Antitoxin
Super Seed - Planted
Synthetic Elements - Trashed Out Paradise
Taarka - Seed Gathering for a Winter Garden
Take the Mickey - They Clean Up Nice EP
Tangible Stereo - Live!
Taylor, Otis - Pentatonic Wars and Love Songs
The Dropskots - More Seriouslyer
TheSaurus - Kids Gather Round
Thundercade - Free Radicalz!
Time - Naked Dinner
Tr3CooH - LyriCooH Treative: The Listenin' Session
Various Artists - Bocumast Instances Vol. 1
Various Artists - DCR All-Stars Vol. 1
Various Artists - Hot Congress Vol. 1
Various Artists - Mile High Low Life
Various Artists - Rocky Mountain Low: The Colorado Musical Underground of the Late 1970s
Vitamins - Songs for Stem Cells
Wadirum - Letters I Never Plan to Mail
Weed Diamond - Sweater Kids
Weird Turn Prose - Sundowner
Wentworth Kersey - EP (0)
Wetlands - Babies Teeth
White Leather - White Leather
Widow's Bane, the - The Widow's Bane
Yawn Tron - Opened Captioning
Yonder Mountain String Band - The Show

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.