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There Are Two Days Left in Chimney Choir's Masterful Crowd-Funding Campaign

Chimney Choir is in the middle of an indiegogo campaign to help fund the recording of its new album. But instead of posting Facebook statuses asking friends and strangers for a few bucks, the band, true to their experimental pop nature, decided to get creative.

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We talked to the members of Chimney Choir right before the launch of the campaign, and now, with just two days left, they have some plans to get them across the finish line.

"We wanted to do it in our own way," says guitar player David Rynhart. "In a way that felt exciting and inspiring to us and had some integrity to it. It was amazing, amazing creative shit."

Besides creating an Indiegogo page, which currently shows the band achieving over half of their goal, they created The Launch, a "pseudo black-tie fundraiser" which turned asking for money into a piece of performance art.

"You have a project you want to do and you want to ask the world for money for it just automatically makes you go through this inward inquiry about what the project means to you and what it means to the world and what it means to ask the world for money," Rynhart says. He said the band used those thoughts as inspiration for The Launch event, the subsequent Landing event, and everything around the campaign.

This week, for instance, instead of just bombarding social media with a countdown to the end of the campaign, the band took the opportunity to create a video series, titled "A Day in The Life of Chimney Choir"

"The logic behind doing the day in the life was to have a reason to release a video every single day of the last week," he says. "We didn't give any personal look inside who we are [in the original campaign outline], we thought it was a good way to do that in a creative way."

While Saturday may end their fundraising campaign, it's certainly not the end of Chimney Choir's work. They'll take the money they raised (which they are "thrilled" about) to Hideaway Studios in Colorado Springs to record. They also plan on spending 2015 working on projects with other Denver musicians, helping compose a ballet, and even creating a soundtrack for a documentary.


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