These kids love Jesus, Pokemon and martial arts, but apparently hate music

In the vast universe of freaky shit from which we draw the material for this here Freaky Friday, the strangest entries often come from enthusiastic amateurs with a great love for their art and absolutely no skill at their craft whatsoever. Or sometimes, with a great love for some weird shit, but a seeming indifference -- or even outright hatred -- toward music. That's the case today.

Okay, these kids probably don't actually hate music. But their callous disregard for it sure makes it seem that way. What they do love is Jesus, who this song is about. And Pokemon, which is the source of the song they adapt to praise God (see -- they must hate music if that's the best thing they could come up with to give Jesus mad props). They also seem fond of martial arts, if the sweet moves they show off intermittently in the video are any indication.

It's a little unsettling to hear a kid warbling about following Jesus's teachings every day one second, then seconds later pretending to murder another kid with a kick-ass neck breaker move straight out of some shitastic ninja movie -- but hey, maybe we just don't understand the Bible as well as these kids. Or something. Judge for yourself after you've seen the video.

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