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This Ain't No Cowtown, Vol. 4 in the works

Over the last year, John Baxter of ZetaKaye House has released three volumes of the This Ain't No Cowtown series which features Colorado-based artists. The first volume, available for free through Bandcamp, included 22 bands and 10 comedians and poets, while the second and third volumes each included more than twenty local bands. All three volumes have over 11,000 plays/downloads. Now Baxter is gearing up for the fourth volume and is looking for bands, comedians and artists to submit their work before Sunday, July 21.

Baxter says he's had more than forty bands submit over a hundred tracks, with several comedians and artists contributing as well and sending material to him via [email protected]

Every Saturday in August, there will be a residency release for This Ain't Now Cowtown, Vol. 4 and a one-year anniversary celebration for the series at Lost Lake Lounge with bands from the fourth volume as well as bands from previous albums and local comedians.

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