This fall, prepare to begin nibbling on sponge cake as you waste away again in Margaritaville

Remember a few months ago when we told you about the upcoming Grateful Dead online game? Well, that's finally coming to fruition in August, but it looks like it will have a little competition from everyone's favorite party-man Jimmy Buffett. That's right, if there was ever a song we wanted to live inside, it's "Margaritaville," and thanks to THQ and Exploding Barrel Games, we'll get our chance this fall.

Margaritaville Online is a Facebook and iOS experience that's promising users a chance to escape into a 3D paradise inspired by the words and lifestyle of perpetually Hawaiian shirted singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett.

While every other game on Facebook is tasking you with fake-working on your fake-farm or as the head of a fake-zombie-uprising or whatever, Margaritaville Online will be giving everyone what we really need -- a place online to chill out in flip flops by the pool with a summer beverage in our hands and a band on the stage playing "Last Mango in Paris."

It's not just going to be a destination spot for bored alcoholics to gather together and compare short-shorts, though -- users will have a chance to build their own bars, form bands, throw parties and take off into the open-world in search of adventure. Seriously, this sounds like the best kind of online experience ever.

We've been seeing plenty of musicians tapping into social networking as a means to express their brand more fully, including the above-mentioned Grateful Dead, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park and plenty others. But while they've all offered weird, twisted or often quirky worlds to explore, Jimmy Buffett's "Margaritaville" is really the only world we earnestly want to live in, not just visit. We'd take an island paradise over working on Gaga's farm any day of the week.

Either way, it's clear we're seeing a bit of a transmedia revival when it comes to musicians implementing multimedia into their brands. While the '80s were full of weird arcade games, now we're seeing weird Facebook games or iOS apps. It's an interesting time we're living in -- but maybe being able to soak in some digital rays and down some binary drinks will help us deal with it all a bit better. If that doesn't convince you, just look at this screenshot.

See what we're saying?

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