This free Metal Swim compilation shreds

We're taking a break from headbanging for a moment to make you aware of an absolutely killer free metal compilation available from Adult Swim.The pothead-friendly cartoon outlet has embraced its stoner roots and tagged a few of metal's best acts to contribute rare or unreleased tracks to a compilation called Metal Swim.

The best part about this compilation is that it has something for all types of metalheads. It's not constricted by subgenre; you'll find the likes of Skeletonwitch, Kylesa, Pelican, Boris and Red Fang here, among others.

The track from Jesu, "Dethroned," is one of our favorites. We've heard plenty of Jesu before, but the meshing of mechanized vocals and metal is still weird to us. It sounds like what would happen if you gave a bunch of sludge bands a vocodor and let them release a track. It's still a solid song, albeit a rather strange one.

As we mentioned, the album hops around from song to song for a killer cross section of different styles of metal. If we had to pick an overall winner of a track here, though, we'd certainly go with Boris's "Luna," which closes the album out in absolutely epic form. Epic, as in it's ten minutes long -- and absolutely brutal all the way through.

You can snag the whole album free here. And now, if you'll excuse us, we have horns to raise and heads to bang.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.