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It's funny how the most trivial things can get a guy pumped up. For a dude who spends a lot of time in dives, a Thursday night in a country bar seemed like a nice diversion.

Driving west down highway 36 toward the newly opened Electric Cowboy (8811 Harlan Street), I pictured folks riding mechanical bulls and getting their two-step on, like in Urban Cowboy or something. This Cowboy, however, hails from the suburbs. And when I walked into the joint, a dawdling country tune was playing, the lights were dimmed over the dance floor, and a handful of couples were slow-dancing as a disco ball twinkled overhead. It was like crashing a high-school prom.

Or a wienie roast.

You see, even though it was officially billed as a ladies' night, there were more dicks than chicks. I'm guessing the brodeo had assembled in hopes of cashing in on all the ladies taking advantage of Electric Cowboy's 75-cent well drinks. At least that's what it looked like from where I sat -- next to a couple of hot blondes in black halter tops. Across the bar, two cowboys in full cowboy regalia (natch) took aim at the ladies. After trading glances for a few minutes, one of them pointed to the ladies with an imaginary six-shooter. Old boy must have shot the gals right through the heart, because they went right over.

Where else would something like that actually work? I don't care where you're from, man: That's electric.

Kinda blue: Stopped by the Blue Note Lounge, which opened last Friday in the basement of the 1770 Sherman Street Event Complex. For now, the joint will only be open on Fridays, with happy hour starting at 4 p.m. and the blues getting going around 9. While the place may be a bit lacking in ambience, the quality of talent booked in the coming weeks will no doubt make up for it.

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