This KISS fan's dream car can be yours for $10K

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Oh, sweet baby Jesus! The search has ended. I think I've finally found my soulmate. Isn't she a beauty? Only problem is she's a little pricey. Anybody have a spare $10K lying around that they can spot this card-carrying member of the KISS Army? C'mon! Can't you just see the two us cruising around? My, my, the fun we would have. It's kismet calling. What's that? Oh, you're broke, too? Figures. Ah, well, I guess I'm just going to have to daydream about my love.

While some gentlemen prefer not to, ahem, kiss and tell, Tim Hall of Caddy Works in Brighton tells us he bought this converted 1970 VW Bug about four or five months ago, and has since set about restoring it to show quality with the idea of having it road-ready in time for the upcoming KISS concert at Comfort Dental Amphitheatre on Wednesday, August 8. It has a new engine, new floor pans, new tires and wheels and Hall says he's getting ready to slap a fresh coat of paint on it.

If you're experiencing a bit of déjà vu here, thinking you've perhaps seen this sweet, sweet piece of machinery before, you probably have. According to Hall, it was originally modified by a fella named Bill from Eyecandy Productions as a promotional item for 103.5 the Fox sometime around 2000. The station later sold it to an employee, and somehow the car made its way to a 4x4 parts place in Montbello, which is where Hill bought it. Although Hall, whose main gig is building custom golf carts and doing custom modifications, has worked with Bill in the past, he lost touch and hasn't been able to let him know he now has the KISS mobile.

If Bill doesn't see this post, perhaps he'll see Hall driving it around town, which he's done a few times, he says. Unsurprisingly, it's turned heads, but no one's gone too nuts over it. "People go crazy," says Hall. "Of course, though, this is Denver, as you know, so it's not like you're in Detroit, Michigan, or something where people would literally hang out of their cars and girls would get in the car with you and stuff, you know. But people go crazy for it, like anything. I think people are more shy to express themselves here. But it looks hilarious going down the road, with the hair flying in the wind. It's a trip."

So, the $10,000 question: Is Hall a KISS fan?

"I'm not a KISS fan," he reveals. "But I'm not not a KISS fan. I like KISS. I'm not a heavy rocker. I'm an Opie Taylor from a small town in New England."

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