This Saturday: Il Cattivo's CD Release at 3 Kings with Kingdom of Magic, The Photo Atlas and Ross Etherton and the Chariots of Fire

Joe Triscari's Moon Light Speed Press screen printing is quickly becoming one of our favorite concert flier makers in town, and Triscari and Josh Everingham's Il Cattivo CD release flier proves once again they've got the screening skills to keep up with the already lovely artwork.

While the image here is all well and good and looks great -- the real skill is shining through with the three-color screening setup that requires perfect accuracy in order to look right. They nail it here and the fliers manage to be readable and great looking, all while the white layer creates a crazy looking effect.

Stylistically, this is another poster from printers here in town that brings to mind the work of Burlesque of North America, and that's not a bad thing. It's mostly due to the way they laid out the typography on the top combined with their choice of the darker chipboard, but there is another trait mixed in there we can't put our finger on. Of course, it's also incredibly metal looking, which is a trademark of Triscari's work, but it works remarkably well because it manages to tell a miniaturized story in the art alone. Enjoy the awesome below.

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Thorin Klosowski
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