This Sunday: The Sound Collapse's EP release show at the hi-dive with Trees and False Colours

Have we ever told you how much we love dinosaurs? We really do -- in fact, next to robots and cute animals, they're pretty much our favorite thing to see on concert posters. That's especially the case in this The Sound Collapse EP release show flier, where we get an awesome looking dinosaur and some Vertigo-style imagery.

That's not to say we think The Sound Collapse is ripping off Saul Bass' iconic design, because although there are a few similarities in theme, this is wholly different. First off, there is a man screaming (yawning?) at an incoming dinosaur, which, judging by the hook on its foot appears to be a Velociraptor. The two appear to have been brought together by some temporal anomaly bridging two different times or universes, as noted by the swirly lines behind each of them.

A nice little bonus on this flier comes at the bottom too, which is a link to a mini-mixtape of the bands playing. That's especially helpful when you name a band Trees, and there's practically no way for a random passerby to look on Google to see what it's store for them.

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