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This Warlock Pinchers teaser makes us wonder what happened to the Mr. Pacman Half Hour of Power

With the exception of the excellent Wesley Willis Joy Rides documentary, we haven't heard much from Eyeosaur lately, but the above teaser seems to suggest that something Warlock Pinchers related might be in the works. Either way, the video reminded us of something equally as interesting: The Mr. Pacman Half Hour of Power.

Unfortunately, we can't embed the trailer for the show in this post -- but stick with us for a moment because we want to start a petition. It has been nearly four years since this video hit YouTube, and heaven knows how long it had been in existence before that. After all, Star Hustler, clearly the visual inspiration, came out in 2003. If you need another Pac-refresher, watch this video for "Paxercise."

Now, according to the band's Wikipedia entry(yes, amazingly, Mr. Pacman has a Wikipedia entry, and yes, we know Wikipedia is rarely accurate), there were four episodes planned -- one of which was shown publically at the Starz, and sources claim it was, "fucking awesome." However, when reached for comment Pacman had nothing more to add. UPDATE: Mr. Pacman has responded and is "looking into getting it up."

Of course, we're not going to recommend you take this lying down. We want to see the full series and maybe you do to -- even if we haven't seen Mr. Pacman play in several years, those costumes still exist and those ideas still exist. Maybe if we're lucky the screenplays are still around, too. If nothing else, can we at least get the first episode on YouTube?

If you'd like to see the Half Hour of Power, sound off in the comments. While we're bringing up old memories -- does anyone have any other lost footage of things that were never released or that bands promised but never delivered?

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