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This Weekend: Inland Knights and Luke Solomon @ Vinyl

Inland Knights & Luke Solomon August 24, 2007 Vinyl & Two A.M. Better than: You know what they say about half a loaf…

When something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Something like, say, getting two headlining DJs – Inland Knights and Luke Solomon in this case – at one club night. When none of them had arrived by 11 p.m., I began wondering how that was going to work. By the time Inland Knights started at midnight, I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to. At least they didn’t leave much to complain about. They played everything from typical deep housers to some hip-hop/R&B influenced tracks to some bouncy, chirpy and abstract tech house.

Their mixing skills were impeccable and they kept everything smooth and groovy throughout the night. The mood they set was great, it was well-paced and the energy was good. Sure, there were too many people sitting down and not enough people there to fill the place, but none of that was their fault. Denver just seems to go for the higher-energy, big-room stuff.

Sure enough, Inland Knights played until 2 a.m., which forced Luke Solomon’s set to be moved to the afterparty. That was irritating since it’s really pretty simple; if the flyer says he’ll play the main club, he should play the main club.

After some internal debate I decided to drag my tired ass over to Two A.M., figuring it could be a while before I had another chance to hear him play. His set there was harder than I anticipated. He pulled out a lot of old stuff, including some vintage-sounding 303 acid squelch. A lot of the rest of what he played was driving, almost progressive-house-sounding material.

It may have been appropriate for the late-night atmosphere – after two you either play downtempo to wind things down, or play hard to keep things going – but it wasn’t what I was expecting to hear. I was a little disappointed and ran out of steam a little more than an hour into the set, cutting out to go home and sleep before he finished.

Critic’s Notebook Personal Bias: I’m not an afterhours kind of guy and that may have tainted the experience for me. Random Detail: An exceptionally cute high-school teacher made me promise not to put her picture up online. By the Way: Inland Knights were better and more eclectic than I expected; Luke Solomon was just the opposite.

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Sean Cronin