Thomas Tha Franchise signs a licensing deal

You know those starving artist types that would rather be broke than go near anything commercial? Thomas Tha Franchise is not one of those artists. Fresh off the release of his debut EP, Caffeine Dreams, he's signed a contract with LoveCat Music, an independent licensing firm, to hopefully get his music placed in television, movies, commercials and the like.

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The deal involves an up-front payment to Thomas and a 50-50 split on future royalties, a deal which he sees as a low risk but with definite potential for reward. "If they don't place anything, no harm no foul," he reasons. "They don't make any money, and I don't make any money, but that [incentivizes] them to try to get those records placed so they can get paid off of it.

"I was told a long, long time ago that if you ever have to pay somebody up front, it's not legit," Thomas adds. "As somebody that believes in you or they want to represent you, they should say, 'Okay, were going to get paid off of what we do for you.'"

The deal between LoveCat and Thomas is for six songs, all instrumental, none coming off of Caffeine Dreams -- he didn't want to give up those rights. In fact, he says he probably wasn't going to use the music in question anyway. "You know, it's cool," says Thomas. "It's not anything too crazy yet, but hopefully by the end of the year, we'll be talking a little crazier."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.