Three of the best shots from the first three years of music photography blog Ultra5280

Robert Castro has spent over a decade running music blogs, so that's about a lifetime in Internet years. He ran A Walking Disaster for a while, but school and work forced him to give it up around 2009. On a 2011 trip to SXSW, he got into a conversation with a friend who runs a blog in Austin called Ultra8201. He encouraged Castro to pick it back up again. "It's something you're really good at," Castro remembers him saying. So he did, starting a companion site in Denver called Ultra5280. That was three years ago, and today the blog is home to regular concert photography as well as some accompanying news and commentary. They'll celebrate the anniversary with a show tonight at Lost Lake Lounge, featuring performances by Bianca Mikahn, CRL CRRLL, DJ ETRANE and more.

Castro and his growing group of contributors have focused on the visual element of bloggin -- their Instagram account has over 2,000 followers. "We try to provide you with that one shot that sums up a show," says Castro. We asked Castro to share a couple of his most memorable photos from the blog's history and tell us why they hold a special place for him.

Robert Castro: This was a photo of Kanye West taken at SXSW, before he became Kanye. He showed up at a private party put on by blogger Perez Hilton. It's opportunities like these that we enjoy at SXSW, because you never know who you will run into. Robert Castro: This was a another picture taken at SXSW. What's significant about this photo is that, if you look at Courtney Love's Wikipedia article, this picture is [featured]. Robert Castro: This is was a shot that was taken at Red Rocks for a Big Gigantic concert. It was one of the first few times projection mapping was used on the rocks. This image pops up at the most random times. It's one of our most "famous" images.

The Ultra5280 three year anniversary party is tonight at Lost Lake Lounge. More information can be found on the Facebook page.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.