Thursday is the new Friday: Disco Biscuits first of three shows, Lil Sum'n Sum'n and ill Esha

As if we had all been humming along to the strains of "Tomorrow," the rain clouds have cleared away once again for the weekend, and the lineup couldn't demand it more. This week features some regulars for those who want to test the limits of their liver for cheap, as well as some ragin' music in case cutting up on the floor is your thing. Check it out below.

Aside from the heavy Bisco preview we've already laid on you, tonight at the Ogden Theatre is the first of three Disco Biscuits shows, which will culminate on Saturday at Red Rocks with Bisco Inferno. The pop-up store opening last night saw several hundred fans come through, which set the excite level for tonight's show and for the next three days. Tonight is just the start for a lot of people who won't stop until Red Rocks kicks 'em out. According the Ogden's website, there are still tickets available for $27.50 plus surcharges.

SoCo's going off as usual with the Church's resident DJ Danny Martinez spinning Top 40 and hip-hop. Ladies get in free until 11p.m. and it's only $10 for the guys -- offset by the $1 drinks until 11p.m. Vinyl will be getting irie with Reggae on the Roof, with KS107.5 and 3Deep productions presenting DJ Mark Daspot. Keeping with the "summer kick off" theme, this is the official grand opening of the rooftop at Vinyl which means summer drinking and open air. Beat the Clock is going down at Funky Buddha, meanwhile, along with the sounds of B-Money and The Almighty I.Z.. Remember to get there early -- cheaper drinks to get you done and done for the early call.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Heyoka will not be performing tonight at the Fox Theatre, but R/D Ill Esha will hold you over for the night. Tickets to the Fox are $12 and if already purchased one, they will be refunding in the form of an extra ticket, plus a rain checked ticket for when Heyoka is rescheduled. Sounds like early buyers came up on this one.

Lil Sum'n Sum'n is going down at Cervantes in the Ballroom. Tickets are $12, and be sure to check out this highlight from Amber Taufen -- lots of drums, lots of dancing, and Kailin Yong on the fiddle. Boom! The Otherside will see Wendy Woo hosting a fundraiser to raise funds for children with special needs. Tickets to the Otherside are $24 and are still available online and will be at the door as well.

Laidback Luke, Trajikk and Tommy Michael will be lettin' loose at Beta with some highly anticipated production elements. Between the sound system, the kryo-freeze and the lights, Beta always delivers on the night. Klutch Beat in the Beatport lounge is a sidestep away for a the $20 ticket, too.

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