Thursday is the new Friday: Juarez Street Fighters, Above & Beyond, and DJ Muggs

Thank goodness Thursday has come around again, we were beginning to think Noah was going to come floating by on in Arc with two of each animal. Luckily even as our streets are flowing with water, our venues are flooding with big things to do. Check out our wrap-up for tonight, which unlike the Arc journey, only lasts until the sun comes up tomorrow.

If you didn't hear about the secret show yet, well, you must've been avoiding the internet this week. Juarez Street Fighters are playing a show at the Fox Theater in Boulder tonight with Fancy's Show Box and Ember. Some people think this is the second coming... of U2, but it's really just openers The Fray, who happen to be from Colorado. And if you hadn't already heard about this show, you did miss out on tickets, because this one's SOLD OUT.

Eminence Ensemble and some friends, including Slim Thugz, FrequentC, and Aquarium, are taking a road trip out to Moab for a little party in the desert called Wunder Bar. Directions can be found on the Wunder Bar 3 Facebook page, but unless you have already hit the road for this, chances are you will be a tad bit late. If you are making it to Utah for this mini-fest, make sure to bring $30 and a lot of water... and a reusable cup.

Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom will be getting down with Cypress Hill's beat flipper, DJ Muggs. Cervantes' is touting this as an "Exclusive Dubstep Set," and adding 6Blocc aka R.A.W. with Minnesota, Deemster and Coult45 vs. Diverse. The Otherside will see Rubblebucket and Filthy Children for only $10, but in order to get into the Ballroom you'll need to drop $25 on the ticket. Doors open at 9p.m., but this one should be going pretty late into the night.

If heavy bass and sweaty mobs of electronic fans are a bit too much for this weather, let Greensky Bluegrass and White Water Ramble help you get down at the Bluebird Theater. Tickets are still available and range between $16-$20, depending on internet service fees or window purchase.

Beta, however, is never short of any sweaty mobs and heavy bass, following a GOT BASS FREE SHOW last night with Above & Beyond + Jaytech. Doors open at 9p.m. and admission is the regular general admission price, which is between $10-$15.

As always, we'd love to get feedback on other happenings going on around Denver, so send submissions and events to Britt Chester and we'll get them up on the list.

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