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Thursdays arrive with a whomp at Sutra

Thursday nights at Sutra have been banging for a while and now they've got a spiffy flier to shout that fact at the world. The weekly event features some of the area's best dubstep and drum and bass DJs, with a smidgen of fidget and breakbeat thrown in for good measure. The flier, on the other hand, features an intriguing design and elegant, minimalist aesthetic.

Start with a regal griffin, suitable for a medieval coat of arms or to feature in your Saturday night marathon Dungeons & Dragons session. Framing our griffin is a strangely hypnotic series of interlocking and overlapping circles, looking like the most complex Venn diagram of all time. Top it off with a well-placed and neat use of typography and seal the deal with an unusual but appealing color scheme. The end result is a sleek, classic design that's far more appealing than the typical club night flier.

They've been sporting this excellent flier for almost a whole month now. Lucky we caught it in time to feature it before it expired.


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