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Thurston Moore, DJ Spooky to teach classes at Naropa next summer

Earlier this year Thurston Moore made a bit of, ahem, noise when he gave a dissertation on white noise to children between the ages of eight and twelve-years-old in New York City. It looks like he's now moving on to students a little older for his next round of teaching. Next summer, Moore will be teaching a workshop at Naropa University in Boulder during the fourth week of their Summer Writing Program. Among a slew of different authors and poets, DJ Spooky will also join Moore on the music end.

The summer curriculum is offered each summer for students and non-students alike. Generally speaking, the program nets a few notable authors each summer and the occasional musician, but Thurston Moore and DJ Spooky are easily the most recognizable names to grace the program in recent memory. Neither artist has indicated what it is they'll be teaching, or what part of the curriculum they'll be taking part in, but it's probably safe to say Moore's workshop will have something to do with, well, noise making.

The price of tuition hasn't been revealed yet, but judging by last year's cost, it'll likely be around $475 for non-credit students to get a week long pass. Unfortunately, credit students get first dibs on teachers, so it's entirely possible the common folk won't have a shot to learn from the master. Just the same, registration begins in February, so if you're interested in attending, mark your calendars and cross your fingers.

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