Tickle Me Pink to film video for "Madeline" this week in Portland

At an undisclosed locale in Portland, Oregon, this Thursday and Friday, the Tickle Me Pink chaps will be filming a video for "Madeline," the title track of its Wind-up Records debut. The clip is reportedly being shot by Speedway Films, a West Coast-based production company that has previously worked on videos by O.A.R., Korn and Trapt, among others. The band, which lost its bassist Johnny Schou in a tragic accidental overdose last July, on the day Madeline was released, has been dedicating the song to fans who have likewise lost loved ones. As such, the outfit has reached out to fans with the notion of paying tribute to their dearly departed by submitting photos via e-mail for inclusion in the video. The tone of the resulting clip will undoubtedly serve as a sharp contrast to the video for "Typical Whore," the album's first single.

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