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Tim Pourbaix

Though Tim Pourbaix's solo debut includes contributions from his Killfix bandmates Andrew Solanyk and Peter Glenn, the personality present on A Pony Craig, Not Greg is all his. The EP contains its share of the inevitable weeping-white-man angst, but its gravity is leavened with gentle humor, sparkling melodies and plenty of head-bobbing grooves. "Fruit Jars," a track that premiered on the most recent Moveable Feast compilation, opens the disc with an appropriately downbeat mood supported by lush, languid instrumentation. This gives way to the mid-tempo "For Show," whose memorable hook is driven by Glenn's cello and an almost sneering vocal from Pourbaix. Perhaps the most surprising track is "Clinic," an upbeat, harmonica-heavy number that stands out in stark contrast to the record's generally melancholic mood and highlights Pourbaix's diverse composing skills. The tune's radio-friendly melody offsets lyrics about the hazards of a passion-filled night of unprotected sex. Pony (due to be released this Thursday, November 8, at the Larimer Lounge) establishes Tim Pourbaix among the ranks of Denver singer-songwriters to watch.

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