Tip sheet: Churchill arrives with tons of promise

Churchill is a yet another newer Denver act that has arrived on the scene seemingly fully formed. The outfit came together from the collaboration of a pair of college chums, Tim Bruns and Michael Morter, when the former moved back to Denver after a stint in Nashville trying his hand as a solo artist and the latter completed his studies at Baptist Bible College. Shortly after the two began working together, they added some additional players -- cellist Amy Moyer, pianist/vocalist Bethany Kelly, drummer Joe Richmond and bassist Tyler Rima.

With the lineup complete, the sextet set about playing shows locally and has since been steadily gaining notice. Tomorrow night marks the release of Churchill's debut EP, a platter filled with acoustic-based tunes that are breezy, charming and uplifting at one turn and introspective, pensive and bittersweet at another. Download "I Still Remember" below and then catch Churchill tomorrow evening at the hi-dive with Eagle Seagull and Old Radio, which contains members of Roger, Roll, Houses and Action Packed Thrill Ride, among others.

MP3: Churchill, "I Still Remember"

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