Tip sheet: Meet Shel, our new favorite band

What in the hell are they putting in the water up in Fort Collins? Seriously? Seems like every ten minutes or so our neighbors to the north are churning out another batch of noteworthy artists. Meet Shel, the latest FoCo outfit to cast us under its spell. Comprised of four sisters, the group glides effortlessly atop the lilting, sublime voices of the Holbrook sisters, Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza. But Shel's appeal goes way beyond the vocals. These gals are exceptional musicians as well, with each member playing an array of instruments including violin, electric bass, piano, mandolin to drums. The sisters, which got their start backing their singer-songwriter dad Andrew, have already attracted the attention of soundtrack supervisor extraordinaire, Chris Douridas from KCRW, who listed their six-song EP, Try To Scream, as "one of the most impressive debuts of the year." Couldn't agree more. Check out the video for the Shel song that caught Douridas's (and our) attention, "Latest Greatest Blueberry Rubber Band" after the jump, and then catch the group at Heavenfest this Saturday, August 8 at 1 p.m. on the Rock Stage.

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