Tip sheet: Meet (the new and improved) Air Dubai


Air Dubai

, which began life as a hip-hop duo, has made an absolutely stunning transformation. To our ears, the act already showed tons of potential right out of the gate with the release of its debut long player, last year's

The Early October

. But from the sounds of the outfit's latest tune, "I Know How," recorded at Coupe Studios with studio time the group earned through a recent CU battle of the bands contest it won, Air Dubai, now a full-fledged seven-member band (yes, we know only five are pictured), has notably kicked it up a couple more notches. Recalling the classic soul flavor and musicality of cuts like "Break You Off" by the Roots, the first new studio track Dubai has shared, is instantly entrancing and offers a promising glimpse of what's to come from this band, which is clearly more than your typical cookie-cutter rap-rock hybrid. At least that's the impression we're convinced that you'll be left with after listening to "I Know How," which has been on repeat all morning over here. Air Dubai is currently in the studio working on its next album, due out next Spring. Check out Air Dubai's studio vlogs after the jump.

<a href="http://airdubai.bandcamp.com/album/i-know-how-single">I Know How by Air Dubai</a>

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