Together Productions's Jason Bills on Libation Fridays, the Hive's brand new weekly club night

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Tonight, the Hive is kicking off its new club night, Libation Fridays, with the internationally-renowned house DJ, Bass Kleph. Jason Bills of Together Productions, one of Denver's dance scene pioneers early on, conceived the new weekly event and says the aim is to parlay his knowledge and utilize his connections to bring in acts different from what Denver typically gets to see, and he has the perfect spot to make it happen.

"With state-of-the-art sound and production," notes Bills, "the Hive will be the ideal spot to host Libation Fridays, for bringing a sound that's not mainstream house or EDM, not necessarily drum and bass or dubstep -- but something in the middle, something electro, and glitchy."

Bills, of course, is no stranger to the scene. In 1993, he started Come Together Productions and became one of the first promoters to push electronic music in the Mile High City. In 1997, Brad Roulier (Beatport, Beta, Manufactured Superstars) became Bills's partner, and together the two worked tirelessly to bring the underground electronic music scene to Denver's clubs.

"Electronic music flourishes within the nightclub environment," Bills points out. "And after a few years of going our separate ways, old friends have come out of the woodwork, and we've found the perfect new environment to showcase some artists that Denver hasn't seen yet, supported by local Denver talent."

And Bills's reach extends beyond this particular club night. With partner Chris Martinez (of Fumes Clothing), he's been able to tap into the thriving social media movement with Tract Nightlife Network, a social network geared towards the electronic music scene and the people who are part of it that was started last year which allows users to track their favorite artists and promoters while keeping in touch with friends.

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Samantha Alviani
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