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Tongue in Groove

Esperanto a sort of alphabetic goulash that, some hope, will eventually be spoken by all of the worlds people as a linguistic interface for humanity may well have found a musical manifestation in the Denver band of the same name. Esperanto, which performs Sunday, January 20, at the 15th Street Tavern with Milemarker and Gravity Index, is a highly instrumental five-piece that blends the rules and structures of a wide range of styles into one all-encompassing, and beautiful, whole. And though guitarist Kerry McDonald (formerly of melodic punk gem Christie Front Drive) occasionally steps forward for vocal duties, the band often prefers to let the instruments which range from trumpet, flute and drums to piano and farfisa organ do the talking, resulting in a spacey, ethereal sound that floats on a current of art-punk noise. A relative newcomer with one EP, Laser Optical, to its name, Esperanto has recently been connecting with local audiences through a steady string of live shows. Assembling some of the citys most nimble and expressive players, including Pinkkus Ben Desoto and Wymond Miles, Esperanto is a welcome new tongue, indeed. If theres anything universal here, its talent.
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Laura Bond
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