Tonight: Don't miss itchy-O marching on DIY Network's Disaster House

The itchy-O Marching Band will take its, ahem, marching antics to cable TV tonight for an episode of the DIY Network's Disaster House, a show that's best known for demonstrating unusual techniques to destroy homes and then showing you how to fix them back up.

Tonight's episode, which airs at 8:30 p.m., is titled "Side Tracked," and the theme is floor repair. The typical DIY cable-TV project would seem to indicate that the best way to prep a floor for repair is to destroy it. To start the process, the show lined up a parade with a forty-piece high-school marching band, Shriners, roller dolls, llamas and, somewhat inexplicably, bagpipers.

"We were brought in as the grand finale at the end of the parade," says itchy-O's Scott Banning, "and we brought some of our own pyrotechnics that we ignited inside." They also played, as they tend to do, with lots of drums, dancing and noise.

It's certainly not the craziest thing Disaster House has ever done to demolish a home. In the past they've brought in a live elephant to help clog a toilet and dropped a piano from ten stories onto a roof. The purpose, as they describe it, is to accelerate the typical wear that a house incurs. We're pretty certain that setting off pyrotechnics and marching around in boots will incur plenty of damage to the home, but you'll have to watch tonight to find out.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.