Tonight: Gary Numan at the Gothic Theatre

Gary Numan may best be remembered by the masses for "Cars," -- a song that was once swept into those inaccurate time capsules known as generic "Greatest Hits of The '80s" compilations that used to be sold on television. But the truth is, the song came from an entire album of amazing work, 1979's pivotal Pleasure Principal -- and Numan will be at the Gothic Theatre tonight playing the record in its entirety.

This type of album-honoring show is often tailored to the hardcore fan, but judging the reviews of Numan's performance at CMJ last week in New York City, the show is a lot more than a dude and his synth playing 41-minutes of music history-shaping songs -- Numan is light on his feet, still heavy on the make-up, and calculated in his performance. Tonight's show is 16 and up and tickets are $30. Doors are at 7p.m., show is at 8p.m.

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