Tonight: Live Music Wednesdays makes its debut at Bar Standard

Headline says it all -- as does the eye-catching flier to your left. If you came out to the Westword Music Showcase over the past few years, you already have an idea of what to expect tonight at Bar Standard when Home, Death Hickey Blues, Aloft in the Sundry and Meniskus take the stage on this inaugural bill, breaking in this brand new night. Should be an excellent show.

On a related note, tonight's gig is slated to be one of Aloft in the Sundry's last until late August, when the outfit is set to release its new disc at the Bluebird Theater. No word on who else will be appearing on that bill, but the band is scheduled to head into the world famous Blasting Room in Fort Collins to record the new platter, a follow-up to Modestine, the group's exceptional sophomore effort.

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